Jim Shannon

Love is no law

The pen is definitely more Mightier than the sword

I care not for what you have No I don't care for that no more

Well You keep comin' at me With your agenda of hatred

And Your friends say your cool But they're not really rated

You keep climbing that ladder Of slippery rungs

And they give you enough rope So one day you'll get hung

You'll work even harder As time gets much faster

You'll keep paying your dues To a non existent master

The rules, they keep changing On this merry go round

So your soul is left raging Tied up and unsound

You've lost your beginning You've lost your own time

You thought You were winning But in fact you're behind

If you looked at me now I'd see through your disguise

When you look in the mirror All you see is your lies

'Cos I know what you're like Yes I've met you before

All you care for is money And love is no law

It's like talking to children When someone is dying

Or when they lower your casket And no one is crying

You gave us your system Your lies and your laws

Whilst love's all around But you gave us no cause

So this road is too long For some of our friends

And we depend on a system Of which you don't lend

Love is our law Love is our penchant

You'll push us that far That the meek will be rampant

Say goodbye to your gold Say goodbye to your medals

And when alls said and done You'll see you're not special

So love is the law And you'll see when you're ready

When your soul is no more And you're heart is so heavy