Working Class Role Models

We have no shortage of incredible role models within the working class and we need to celebrate them, for the barriers they have managed to overcome and the solidarity they have shown to refusing to culturally assimilate for an easier life and for not pulling up the drawbridge behind them. If you have suggestions for inclusion please send them to

Marcus Rashford

Marcus Rashford brings his lived experience to the UK's current 'food poverty' problem. Importantly, Marcus is clear that a lack of adequate income lies behind the range of symptoms of poverty, including hunger but extending beyond the issue of food. Describing his work on food poverty as just the beginning of the conversation that is needed about poverty, Marcus aims to reach beyond this immediate issue to address the broader causes of poverty.

Belfast Cleaning Society - A Workers Co-Operative

Have a listen to how working class women can carve out a more empowering way of working that is democratic, based on genuine teamwork, creates more value for the vital work our society will always need, provides much greater job satisfaction, inspires others and sticks two fingers up to extractive, exploitative employers.

The Christina Noble Foundation - Giving Children Back Their Childhood

Christina Noble grew up in incredible poverty in 1950s Dublin, surviving the loss of her Mum, abuse and neglect followed by domestic violence and further poverty as a mother herself. She eventually travelled to Vietnam based on a vision of helping children who had no one in the world to help them. Her style of support is to mother and love every child as the incredible individual they are. Strong working class woman doesn't cover who Christina is and what she has done. Working class women are strong!