The International Working Class

Solidarity Not Nationalism

What can we learn and what hope can we glean from examples of how working class socialists have seized power across countries and continents?

If social class is about the relationship people have to the institutions of power, rather than just income and who owns the means of production, then the global working class share that experience, disadvantage and political invisibility in common in a way that middle class people may not understand. It makes sense for us to learn from one anothers' experiences of by-passing oppressive class structures in different countries and across history.

This section is to support that learning and to provide an antidote to the pull of the political Right that exploits our feeling of exclusion and invisibility. Yes, we are denigrated and yes, we are blocked and yes, the middle class that judge us even when they don't realise they are doing that are part of that problem, but we are on a dangerous path if we allow that to push us toward nationalism.

We can learn a lot from the working classes who have shared and still share our struggles and oppressions from all across the world. Their working class social histories and struggles are as fascinating and vital to the cause of socialism as our own.