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Classism Still Exists

This site was launched on February 20th 2021, World Social Justice Day. This site is for anyone who has faced hostility toward discussing working class invisibility and oppression, including within politically 'left' spaces.

The intention is for this site to provide somewhere for working class people to express how classism has affected their own lives and the lives of those they care about - their families, friends and communities. The existence of classism as a form of discrimination that affects peoples' life chances in profound ways is evidence-based and long-established, so this is also a place for those who share a determination to get social class discrimination and inequality firmly back on the national political and cultural agenda.

It is our own space to discuss how the persistence of classism has been 'air brushed' out of politics, research, academia and education, the media, community and trade unionist activism and to push this issue back onto the Equalities agenda, so that working class people can be acknowledged, respected and represented more fairly within every sphere of influence within society.

We share research and articles of interest by and about classism and its effects on people and society.

Become part of our this project and growing online community by telling us about your experiences, research, or class activism, or by sending in sending relevant articles, writing, songs, paintings, poetry and opinion pieces to